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Global Studies

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Twitter. Facebook. The 24-hour news cycle. Doctors Without Borders.

Now more than ever, our world is interdependent, interrelated, and intercultural. College studies should be too.

Whether students focus on politics, commerce and trade, human advocacy or environmental issues, the Defiance College global studies program will help them acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, appreciate, and work for positive change in global society.

Global studies professors know there is no better way to grasp complex subject matter than by taking what is learned in the classroom and applying it elsewhere. Majors do not just theorize about improving the world. They make it happen.

A Unique Opportunity
In addition to independent study projects, internships, and extracurricular activities, global studies majors also have a unique opportunity to work with Defiance College’s innovative McMaster School for Advancing Humanity. Working with McMaster, students can become active world citizens as they research and plan projects that address a specific global issue, then collaborate with faculty to carry out the project with an aim toward alleviating human suffering.

The world awaits.



Majoring in Global Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies is a 45-48 credit hour major offering students an interdisciplinary program that examines the world from multiple perspectives and enables them to compete successfully in the international arena. Its interdisciplinary curriculum links history, sociology, geography, non-western literature, intercultural communications, management, economics, and natural science. In addition to the 30 credit core, students may choose from one of three concentrations including business, peace studies, or sustainable development.

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After College - What's Next?

The Global Studies major will provide students with a solid background and preparation for careers in international service and business, non-governmental organizations, foreign-service, the Peace Corps, and for pursuing additional graduate work in the humanities and social sciences.

Companion Major or Minor
Global Studies can be a companion major or minor for other programs of study such as history, business, or communication arts. Doing so provides career options that include: Multinational Corporations, Media/Publishing, Banking/Finance , Teaching/Education, Travel/Tourism , Nonprofit Organizations, Civil Service , International Law/Diplomacy.



The Faculty

Don Buerk, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History
419-783-2454 |

Elcin Haskollar, Assistant Professor, Global Studies
419-783-2440 |

Mary Ann Studer, M.S., Dean of the McMaster School
419-783-2555 | 

Jeffrey S. Weaner, M.S.W., Professor of Social Work and Sociology
419-783-2559 |